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The World's First Smart Trampoline


Sensors on the trampoline mat connect via Bluetooth® to your tablet. Using your body as a controller, the sensors track your movement creating an interactive experience. With games to exercise both the body and brain tgoma encourages families to go outside and be active.

Jump with Us

tgoma allows jumpers to track their jumps and calories burned. Discover how active our community is worldwide!

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Why Families Love tgoma

Games & Apps

The secret to getting active is to make it fun! Just try to play Fruitants or Alien Stomp without smiling… impossible! Our collection of high-energy games will keep the family outside and active for hours!

NASA researchers found that 10 mins of jumping is a workout equivalent to a 30 min run! tgomaFit was created by a world-class trampoline coach and personal trainer providing you with the ultimate fitness workout in your own backyard.

tgoma makes education fun! Studies show that physical activity supports child brain development by improving memory and concentration. That's why we created fun educational games - to get kids learning and moving at the same time!

tgoma has games and apps for everyone, including high-energy activity games, educational games for exercising both body and brain and fitness training apps for adults and kids!

Available on
the App Store or Google Play


tgoma isn’t just about playing games, it is a rich platform that allows you to track activity, set goals, participate in events, preview games and more. Scroll through features below to find out more.

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How It Works


Sensor Technology

tgoma game system uses sensors installed on the mat of your Springfree Trampoline that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth with your tablet device.


tgoma App

Download the tgoma app and that's when the fun begins - The Smart Trampoline!


Get Jumping

Using your body as the controller, players actively jump as the sensors track the movements on the mat creating an interactive experience! Find your favorite tgoma game and get jumping!

Go Outside, Be Active

Smart Active Families

We know parents want to find ways to encourage their kids to spend more time outdoors, being active. Springfree is the only Smart Trampoline that is digitally interactive and encourages safe, active outdoor play.

More Family Time Outside

tgoma's games are designed to offer a fun physical workout to challenge the entire family, while increasing the family time outside in the backyard.

Exercise Body and Brain

tgoma has many games to get the family bouncing and learning. Educational games are a great way to make learning fun. Plus tgomaFit allows you to set and track personal fitness goals and jump into a healthier lifestyle!

Award Winning

Product Design - Sport and Lifestyle
2016 Australian Good Design Award

Digital Design - Interface Design
2016 Australian Good Design Award

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What sort of trampoline is needed?

tgoma is only available on new Springfree Trampolines. Browse all trampoline models here.

What sort of tablet is needed?

You need your own tablet. The tgoma app will run on tablets with the following minimum specs:


  • iPad 3 or more recent (1 or 2 not supported)
  • iPad Mini, iPad Air & iPad Pro 9.7”
  • Screen size between 7” and 11” (ie, tablets, not phones)


  • Android operating system 4.4 or more recent
  • Bluetooth 4 (also known as LE) or more recent
  • Screen size between 7” and 11” (ie, tablets, not phones)

If you are trying to use tgoma on any device outside of these specs tgoma will not work correctly. Note: Windows tablets are NOT currently supported and will not work with Tgoma

Do I need WiFi in my backyard?

A Wi-Fi connection is required for three steps: 1) to download the tgoma app from the App Store or Google Play 2) to buy games from the tgoma Store section 3) when you start a game or app for the first time.  After that, users can take their table into the backyard and play tgoma without a Wi-FI connection.  However, in order for you to see the global leaderboards and events, your tablet will need to have a Wi-Fi connection. We reccomend that you start the tgoma application within Wi-Fi range to receive the latest software updates before placing the tablet into the tablet holder.

What is the tgoma system?

Your tgoma game system will come complete with: a controller unit with mounting plate (to secure it to your Springfree), Battery Pack (4 x AA batteries requried),  Sensor & Cable Sets, Tablet Holder with Sunshade. As well as an Installation Manual.  Please note:  You will have everything you need, except for the tablet and 4 x AA batteries.

How do I get the tgoma app onto my tablet?

Once you have confirmed that your tablet meets the minimum tablets specifications, visit the Google Play (if using an Android tablet) or App Store (if using an Apple tablet) and search 'tgoma'.  Follow the prompts to download and install tgoma onto the tablet.

Where do I get technical support?

For a complete list of FAQ answers please click here.

Here are some commonly asked questions. For further help contact our Support Team.

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